The National Flag Football Tour

Comes To MIAMI



Join us as we celebrate the incredible game of flag football with a fantastic youth tournament featuring invigorating music, indulgent food, highly - recommended vendors, and an experience that you and your team will remember for years to come.  This event is exclusively for children ages 6 - 14. 

This is an open invitation to any youth team that would like to experience the ultimate flag football festival.  


DECEMBER 7, 2019

This is a one-day tournament featuring a four-game guarantee!


Teams will compete in a 5 vs 5 format of play based off of NFL FLAG rules. 


Divisions winners will receive individual champion gear including an opportunity to advance to the National Flag Football Championships.




401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL 33013

Welcome to this beautiful park featuring  beautiful fields, plenty of parking, and ample restrooms. 




This is a 5 v 5 NFL FLAG non-contact, version of flag football. Each roster may hold 10 players and a maximum of three coaches. 

6U - BORN IN 2012

7U - BORN IN 2011

8U - BORN IN 2010

9U - BORN IN 2009

10U - BORN IN 2008

11U - BORN IN 2007

12U - BORN IN 2006

14U - BORN IN 2004

This is a birth year tournament. Click here to visit our Age Chart


For example, all players competing in the 8U division MUST have been born in 2010 or after.


All players must have been 8 years of age or younger last year.   


This also means that they will be 9 sometime in this calendar year yet they can still compete in the 8U division.



One of the main goals of this event is creating parity amongst the competition. Yet, the challenge is that there are so many different levels of teams. It's hard to say whether your team should sign up in the competitive or the recreational division. It all depends on who are all of the teams who have signed up.


Therefore, instead of asking coaches which division they "think" they should be in, we let gameplay make that decision for us. We take all of the teams who signed up for a division and place them into a three-game round robin format of pool play. Then, based off of field performance between the teams, (records, point differential, etc.) we separate the teams into two divisions for the tournament playoffs. We create BOTH a competitive and recreational playoff bracket.


Typically the top half of each division will advance into a COMPETITIVE single elimination bracket. The winners of this division will receive a PAID BID to the National Flag Football Championships.


The bottom half of each division will advance into a RECREATIONAL single elimination bracket. The winners of that division will receive individual Tournament Champion awards! The goal of this division is to create parity amongst the teams while allowing the true recreational teams to compete on a level playing field.


*The only time we do not separate into two brackets, is in the rare instance that we have less than eight teams in a division. 


If we have an odd team division, say 10 teams, we reserve the right to modify the playoff brackets. We may move 6 teams up and 4 teams down or vice versa. You will know this decision prior to beginning tournament play. 



We do our best to provide you with the very best in officiating when it comes to tournament play. 


To help you better understand the rules of the game, click here for a copy of our tournament rules. 



We have created a tournament app which will allow for you to view your check-in time, schedules, standings in real time, playoff bracket, vendor menus, the halftime show events, etc.

Please have all members of your team download this application.




$295 Per Team


NOV. 25, 2019



We hope you are excited about this tour stop. The event director overseeing this tournament is Angelica Mickens.  You may reach her by emailing her via the contact form or calling her.



ANGELICA MICKENS -  (954) 248-2090