2022 Championships at Pro bowl


When:  February 3-5, 2022

Tournament: Heritage Park:  Feliz Contado Court  Henderson, NV 89015

Championship: Allegiant Stadium for 14u Boys & 17u Girls


Wednesday, February 2

First Day for Team Check in

Saturday, February 5

Second Day of Tournament Play



Thursday, February 3

Day: Team Check-in

Evening: Opening Ceremony

Shrine Bowl at Allegiant Stadium

Sunday, February 6

14u boys and 17u girls Championship Games

Pro Bowl

Friday, February 4

First Day of Tournament Play

Time TBD

Monday, February 7

Teams fly home


Get ready for game day


The following COVID-19 Guidelines are the result of careful consideration and planning by RCX Sports and the NFL, who have experience outlining and implementing COVID-19 protocols, in order to ensure the safety of staff, participants and spectators NFL FLAG Events. These guidelines include protocols for participants and spectators who plan to attend NFL FLAG events and will need access to the facility. In addition, there is detail regarding changes made to the structure and format of the event, and expectations regarding equipment usage & sanitization to maintain compliance with the standards.  


All guidelines outlined below are non-negotiable and will be enforced at every NFL FLAG event 



  • There are no vaccination requirements in place for the tournament portion of the NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl. Any activities held at Heritage Park or at the host hotel do not require vaccination. In addition, vaccinations are not required for any of our regional tournaments.

  • All attendees must sign our event waiver prior to attending the event.  

  • Do not enter the event if you, or anyone you live with, are exhibiting any signs of illness including sneezing, coughing, sniffles, fever, loss of taste or smell, or generally don’t feel well.  

  • If tournament staff believes that a spectator or participant should not be admitted due to symptoms or results of a health screening, they will be asked to leave, and the team may be asked to exit the tournament at RCX’s discretion.  

  • Tournament staff reserves the right to remove any participants or spectators who do not comply with COVID Guidelines.  

  • Staff will be required to wear face masks in high traffic areas of direct contact with participants (i.e. registration and merchandise)  

  • If meals are distributed to athletes/coaches, the coach will be asked to pick up meals for their team. The meals will be pre-packaged and will be designated for each team. Coaches will be asked to social distance when picking up their meals. Please maintain social distance throughout the facility, especially in high-traffic areas like concession stands and restrooms.  


  • Only ten (10) players, two (2) coaches per team and referees can view the game from the field.   

  • Coaches, players, officials, and Tournament staff only are permitted in the designated playing area. 

  • All spectators for your Team MUST observe play from the designated fan areas. 

  • All Team filming, photographers’, managers, position coaches, team mom’s, etc. MUST remain in the designated fan area. NO EXCEPTIONS/ NO WARNINGS. 

  • Misconduct by any individual may lead to removal from the premises at the sole discretion of NFL FLAG. 

  • Spectators may not congregate behind player benches and must abide by social distancing guidelines, maintaining 6 feet of distance from other spectators.  

  • If possible, spectators should bring their own seating to the event to better maintain proper distance from other spectators.   

  • If there are bleachers on site and there is access to them for spectators, we ask that all spectators remain within 6ft of each other to allow for proper social distancing.  


  • Games will be scheduled with an efficient break in between to allow those to leave and others to arrive with minimal interactions.   

  • Athletes and coaches from each team must be on opposite sides of the field.   

  • At the pregame meeting and throughout the game, coaches and referees will not be allowed to shake hands or have any physical contact with each other.   

  • Players and coaches are asked to refrain from high fives or any other physical gestures of celebration.   

  • Eliminate huddles when possible.   

  • Players should refrain from picking up other players' flags off the ground.  

  • Game cards will not be signed. The coaches should confirm the score verbally with the official at the end of the game.  


  • All teams will be provided footballs and should use their own footballs when their team is on offense.  

  • Refrain from sharing equipment in general.   

  • Each team is responsible for disinfecting their flags with disinfectant wipes, after each game.  

  • Players should be discouraged from removing and re-inserting mouthguards while on the field. If a mouthguard falls out, players should be instructed not to re-insert it until it can be sanitized with clean hands.  

Pro Bowl COVID Protocols

  • There are no vaccination requirements in place for the tournament portion of the NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl. Any activities held at Heritage Park or at the host hotel do not require vaccination. In addition, vaccinations are not required for any of our regional tournaments.

  • For events held at Allegiant Stadium, all COVID-19 related health protocols and requirements established for Las Vegas Raiders home games will also apply to the NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl. Per Allegiant Stadium’s guidelines, anyone aged 12 and over must provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19. This policy will be in effect for the NFL FLAG championship games held at Allegiant Stadium, which includes the 14U Boys and 17U Girls divisions.

  • All COVID-19 related health protocols and requirements established for Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium also apply to any activities held at the stadium during the NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl and are subject to change based on the guidance of state, local and public health authorities. Protocols for Raiders games can be accessed on the Allegiant Stadium website linked here.

  • Events held at Allegiant Stadium include:

    • · 14U Boys and 17U Girls Championship Games

    • · Pro Bowl Game


  • This tournament is STAY TO PLAY. All hotels MUST be booked through this link. If your team books a hotel using a different link, it could affect your participation in the tournament. 

  • We have partnered with HotelPlanner to provide your team with the most discounted hotels possible in the surrounding Las Vegas area. Click below for our exclusive Pro Bowl HotelPlanner link:

  • Your team is exempt from stay to play ONLY if your league is located 100 miles or less from Henderson, Nevada. If your league is considered local, you do not have to use the HotelPlanner link. 


  • Rosters must remain the same as they were at the regional tournament

NFL FLAG Provides

  • Hotel link to book through at a discounted rate, as well as a link to other hotels in area with discounted rates at different price points.  

  • Access/tickets to NFL activities and events 

  • Lunch on competition days 

  • Swag and uniforms for all athletes 

Teams Are Responsible For

  • Flights 

  • Hotel (RCX to provide very discounted options!) 

  • Transportation 

  • Meals outside of competition day